Did you miss Open data Camp?

Written by Katherine Rooney on 28 Feb, 17
Responsible innovation

This weekend saw hundreds of people converge on The Pierhead building in Cardiff Bay for Open Data Camp – the unconference devoted entirely to open data.

I’m already completely sold on the idea and potential of open data – (I work on open data at Bristol City Council), and for this, the 4th Open Data Camp in as many years, I was a volunteer ‘camp-maker’.

Being about data, it is no surprise that Open Data Camp was very well covered by live blogging and live drawing, from the very talented Drawnalism who are also responsible for the image accompanying this blog. This means that those of you reading this who missed out on attending can have a look at all of the content that was produced over the weekend, and get a real feel for the discussions from the day. #ODCamp was trending on Twitter in Cardiff most of the weekend, not bad considering #WalesRugby was also happening!

I was there representing Bristol City Council, and it was fantastic to meet and talk openly with so many others from UK Local Government, all at varying stages on their open data journeys. Central Government was also represented, and it was very interesting to meet so many people from, for example, Defra, Food Standards Agency, and GDS (Government Digital Service), who up until the weekend had only been names in my twitter feed…

ODI Bristol was also very well represented, and it was great to be able to talk to a really broad audience about the ‘community-up’ work around data that the ODI Bristol group is leading on.

A highlight for me was the enthusiasm and thanks that I got for my ‘Open Data for Newbies’ session, which I ran at the start of Saturday, and then again on Sunday morning due to popular demand!

Open Data Camp moves location every time, (to date Winchester, Manchester, Bristol and Cardiff have hosted). Planning will start soon for Open Data Camp 5, and although it may be further away from Bristol next time, I urge you to keep an eye out for announcements and try to attend in the future, it is for you if you are a newbie, an expert, or anything in between!


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