About the REPLICATE project

As a European project, REPLICATE is working closely with our partner cities, Florence (Italy) and San Sebastian (Spain).  These cities are testing different smart solutions and Bristol will learn from them and share our city’s experiences.  This will help us understand which of the smart approaches could be used across Bristol and in other European and world cities.

In Bristol, the REPLICATE project is led by Bristol City Council working in partnership with the city’s universities and seven other local partners.  The project is funded by the European Commission, with local partner organisations collectively receiving €7 million to deliver the project in Bristol.

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REPLICATE – REnaissance of PLaces with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnologies – is a European research and development project that aims to deploy integrated energy, mobility and ICT solutions in city districts.

The main objectives of the REPLICATE project are energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and integrated ICT infrastructures.

Bristol is one of three lead cities across Europe, alongside San Sebastian and Florence. The overall project has a consortium of 36 partners, with 11 partners delivering the project in Bristol.

There are also a number of other international cities learning from the project: find out more.

The total REPLICATE budget is €29 million and the budget for the REPLICATE project consortium in Bristol is €7.8 million (including partner funding).  These figures include match funding. Find out more.

The project started in February 2016 and ends in January 2021. Find out more.

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