The REPLICATE project – Bristol budget

The total REPLICATE budget is €29 million.
The budget for the REPLICATE project in Bristol is €7.8 million, including partner funding.  These figures include match funding.

This page shows how Bristol City Council’s budget (£3.3 million) is allocated and details the budgets of local delivery partners.

Bristol City Council’s REPLICATE budget

This table shows how Bristol City Council’s budget within the REPLICATE project is allocated:

Item Budget (Euros)
Personnel costs (over 5 years) € 1,250,000
Other direct costs (over 5 years) € 77,201
Overheads (over 5 years) € 331,800
Retrofit € 438,804
Smart Homes € 440,905
District Heating € 680,000
Other commissioning (IT services, data review (expert advice) etc.) € 137,060

REPLICATE partners’ budgets

This table shows the budget for partners of the Bristol pilot (includes match funding):

Partner Role Budget (Euros) 
NEC Energy Demand Management System € 612,247
Co-Wheels Electric bikes and car club € 596,000
University of Bristol* Coordination and development of
digital platforms, lamp post sensors
and impact research
€ 509,201
Esoterix On-demand taxi/bus € 452,500
Zeetta Networks ICT platform and integrations € 424,131
Route Monkey Travel West enhancement and
EV charge management
€ 382,500
KWMC* Coordinating citizen engagement and
citizen sensing
€ 371,250
Bristol Is Open A smart city test-bed € 254,246
UWE* Researching impact € 238,968
Toshiba Parking app € 113,721


*100% funded, all others 70% funded.

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