ParkUs is a parking app that helps you find a free car parking space quickly and conveniently, before you travel.

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A number of studies have shown that vehicles cruising around to find parking are a significant cause of congestion and pollution. The aim of ParkUs is to cut the amount of time people spend driving around looking for a car parking space, so the amount of fuel, money and unnecessary CO2 emissions are reduced. For example the app could help drivers to choose a quiet time to go shopping, as they will be able to see what car parking spaces are available on or near their local high street.

The ParkUs app is made by Toshiba Research Labs and is available as a free download from Google Play. The app is being trialled in the area of Easton in Bristol, with data contributed by users of the app to provide information on parking availability.

How does it work?

ParkUs uses crowdsourced data from phones to give users an idea of parking availability in real-time. The data collected lets users know how likely they’ll be able to find a parking space at their chosen destination and this can help them to consider if they should drive or use another mode of transport.

The phone app relies on feedback from users about their ability to park, so ParkUs will work best when lots of people use it. As more people use it, the parking information will become richer and more accurate. Use of the app is anonymous, and it does not collect any personal information.

When and where will it be ready to use?

Parking app interface

In 2018, ParkUs was tested at the University of the West of England. Another focused trial has now started in the area of Easton in Bristol and the app is publicaly available to download. Findings from the trial will help to refine the app and in the future it is hoped that it can be used in any area Bristol.

Download ParkUs to help Bristol

If enough people get involved and start using the free app it could help to significantly ease Bristol’s transport congestion. If you are interested in helping us develop ParkUs, download the app from Google Play or scan the QR code below. The more users we have contributing to ParkUs the better. Please invite family, friends and colleagues to become users too

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