WeGo is an electric taxi-bus that provides convenient journeys at an affordable price in a shared vehicle with other passengers. It is a new and sociable way to get around Bristol while meeting different people, as well as saving energy and money on your travel costs.

How the service works

WeGo is both an on-demand and events based service delivered in an electric, zero emissions, Hackney cab. Individual passengers can book the service as a connection to a rail or coach trip and a route will be planned to pick up and drop off others along the way. The service can also be secured by event organisers, who then make it available to people attending that event by sharing the link on the event page or through other relevant means.

The service costs £1 – which can be payed online or in cash to the driver.

Where and when it operates

As part of the REPLICATE project it is ‘tethered’ to Ashley, Easton or Lawrence Hill; that is, it is designed to support travel to, from and within these areas. 

WeGo only operates when booked.

Opportunities to get involved

If you organise events, particularly for wellbeing or access to work, we’d like to talk to you about how WeGo could support people getting to your event. Contact Liz Davidson via the Esoterix website.

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