The Travelwest Journey Planner allows people to plan travel using various modes of transport for their whole journey from leaving home to getting to their destination through the use of an app or website.

The journey planner encourages people to explore a wider range of travel options for their journeys such as park and ride, bus, train or bicycle hire. It provides the opportunity to plan the whole journey from start to finish enabling people to combine different travel options together. It offers people living in the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill area an easy way to access information to plan alternative and greener journeys.

The Travelwest Journey Planner is a free online service specific to the West of England region, and includes local travel options in Bristol such as electric car and bicycle hire.

How does Travelwest Journey Planner work?

Simply set your start and end journey points and travel preferences: walking, cycling, driving, bus or train. Based on these preferences the planning tool offers multiple combinations of travel allowing you to choose the best solution for your journey.

While this service is suitable for residents living in and around Bristol, visitors and business travellers to the city, the journey planner adaptations is particularly useful for people who live in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill.

How to start using Travelwest Journey Planner?

Go to the Travelwest Journey Planner website in your phone or computer and start planning your journey. As simple as that! No registration needed, no added costs. Visit the website for further information.

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The journey planner has created virtual travel hubs in and around Bristol, eg train and bus stations. These hubs allow citizens to change their mode of travel.

No, the Travelwest Journey Planner is free to use.

No, you just input your personal journey preferences.

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