Q) Which Bristol ward is harvesting the most sunshine?

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02 Apr, 14 by Matthew

More and more data sets are being released in open formats which means it is possible to download them and analyse them. There are also growing numbers of tools available to allow data to be presented in attractive and informative ways.

One particularly rich data set is the Feed In Tariff Installation Report produced by OFGEM. This identifies all energy generation schemes eligible for the Feed In Tariff (such as solar panels) and groups them by Census areas called Lower Super Output Areas.

This means it’s possible to look at variations in the take up of Solar PV across the City of Bristol. This shows surprisingly different take up rates by ward. Using the free Google Fusion tool it is possible to show these rates on a “heat map” colour-coded by the amount of solar power installed – http://tinyurl.com/bristolpvbyward .

So, the answer to the question: “Which Bristol ward is harvesting the most sunshine?” is “Southmead” which has 489kW of installed solar PV capacity, closely followed by Stockwood with 410kW and Hengrove with 406kW. As a city, Bristol had 8.1MW of installed photovoltaic schemes registered for the Feed In Tariff  on 31 December 2013– that’s quite a lot of harvested sunshine!