Electric power assisted bikes

An e-bike scheme for companies and organisations based in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill or with staff who live in these areas, aimed at helping their staff to get around Bristol.

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Companies and organisations either based in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill or with staff who live in these areas will be trialling the use of e-bikes to get around Bristol. Staff will be able to use them during the working day and for commuting. These e-bikes are power assisted, which means it will be easier for users who may not usually cycle or need a bit of extra help to get up Bristol’s hills.

How does this initiative work?

  1. Organisations express an interest in leasing a bike through Co-wheels website
  2. Co-wheels provide e-bikes to meet the requirements of the organisation. There is a free two-week trial period to help with getting used to the bike
  3. The organisation provides a suitable location for the bikes to be kept
  4. If requested by the organisation, the bike/s are placed on Co-wheels’ online booking system to manage hiring
  5. The organisation and Co-wheels work through the terms and conditions of use, and sign contracts
  6. If they have not already done so, the organisation signs up as a corporate member of Co-wheels car club.  This provides access to both the e-bikes and to Co-wheels’ national network of cars
  7. The organisation invites members of staff to join the car club under the corporate membership
  8. Staff members join the car club and access Co-wheels’ easy to use online booking and management system to book the e-bikes
  9. Co-wheels provide a full maintenance and service package for the bikes, including basic quarterly services, a full annual service, repairs and emergency call-out support (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm excluding bank holidays)
  10. Every two years, Co-wheels provides new replacement e-bikes or provides option to buy

What else is included?

As well as what’s detailed above the following are included:

  • Insurance for theft and technical malfunction. Co-wheels also has the necessary public liability insurance in place in case of injury caused by any act of negligence where Co-wheels may be at fault
  • 24hr helpdesk with outstanding customer service

When and where it will be delivered:

We are aiming to have the electric bikes in place by the end of February 2018. Public sector, community, voluntary, not-for-profit and private organisations will be trialling the bikes. Eligible organisations will be based within the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill wards, or have staff that live in the area.

Opportunities to get involved:

We are still looking for organisations to join the scheme. If your organisation is based within the project area of Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill, or has employees that live within the area that would benefit from having an electric bike to commute, please contact toby.collis@co-wheels.org.uk

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Find out the whole proposal for organisations in the project area.



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