Electric power assisted bikes

An electric bike scheme for companies and organisations based in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill – or with staff who live in these areas – to help their staff get around Bristol.

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Twelve electric bikes (e-bikes) have been successfully delivered to six organisations in Bristol. That have staff who travel regularly in the area as part of their daily work around Bristol. The organisations have staff that regularly travel in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill as part of their working day, or live in these areas and commute to work.

E-bikes are power assisted, which means they are ideal for users who may not usually cycle or need a bit of extra help to get up Bristol’s hills! The e-bikes are going to be monitored throughout the research project and the data gathered will be used to inform solutions for how people can move around the city in energy efficient ways.

Monitoring of the electric bikes

The University of Bristol has developed a customised monitoring system for the electric bikes (e-bikes). This includes a Global Positioning System (GPS) and access to the diagnostics system in order to report and analyse the e-bikes environmental and social benefits.

Initial results have already shown that the e-bikes can have a substantial impact on the environment. During the first six months, in which 10 of the e-bikes were being deployed, a total distance of 5,224 miles (8,405 kilometres) was travelled on the e-bikes – resulting in an estimated 1.2 tonnes of savings in CO2 emissions.

How does the electric bike scheme work?

  1. Organisations express an interest in leasing electric bike(s) (e-bike(s)) through the Co-wheels website
  2. Co-wheels provide e-bike(s) to meet the requirements of the organisation. There is a free two-week trial period to help organisations get used to the e-bike(s)
  3. The organisation provides a suitable location for the e-bike(s) to be kept
  4. If requested by the organisation, the e-bike(s) are placed onto Co-wheels’ online booking system for their staff to hire
  5. The organisation and Co-wheels work through the terms and conditions of use and sign contracts
  6. If they have not already done so, the organisation signs up as a corporate member of Co-wheels car club.  This provides access to both the e-bikes and to Co-wheels’ national network of cars
  7. The organisation invites its staff members to join the car club under the corporate membership
  8. Staff members join the car club and gain access to Co-wheels’ e-bike(s)
  9. Co-wheels provide a full maintenance and service package for its e-bike(s), including basic quarterly services, a full annual service, repairs and emergency call-out support (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm, excluding bank holidays)
  10. Every two years Co-wheels will provide new replacement e-bike(s) or offer the organisation the option to buy them

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    Electric bikes' FAQs

    Companies and organisations based in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill – or with staff who live in these areas – can trial the use of the electric bikes to get around Bristol.

    Electric bikes (e-bikes) are power assisted, which means they are ideal for users who may not usually cycle or need a bit of extra help to get up Bristol’s hills! E-bikes are more energy efficient, compared with other modes of transport and REPLICATE is monitoring them to check their environmental and social benefits.

    Unfortunately, all of the available REPLICATE electric bikes have now been allocated to Bristol based public and private organisations. However, you can still express your interest to Co-wheels and they will keep you updated about future projects.

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    This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 691735