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REPLICATE’s delivery partner, Co-wheels, has introduced 11  electric vehicles to their existing car club scheme. The electric cars are available in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill for use by its members.

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REPLICATE’s delivery partner, Co-wheels, has introduced 11 electric vehicles (EVs) and 24 electric charge point bays  in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill. These new additions offer citizens, and those visiting Bristol, the opportunity to travel around the city and beyond in a clean and efficient way.

Monitoring of the electric vehicles

To gather data on how pollution and energy consumption can be reduced by using electric vehicles (EVs), various monitoring systems are integrated in the 11 EVs during the research project.

The EVs are fitted with on-board telematics such as a Global Positioning System (GPS) and navigation system to help understand vehicle usage. We are working on a system that will monitor the EVs state of charge in real time. This will enable a much more efficient booking system, as users will be able to make sure they hire an EV that has sufficient charge for their travel needs.

Opportunities to get involved

The 11 electric vehicles (EVs) are now available in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill, so anyone can sign up to Co-wheels and use them.

You may also want to try one of Co-wheels’ hybrid vehicles or EVs located in other areas of the city. Take a look at Co-wheels’ map of vehicle locations to find out more.

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Electric vehicles FAQs

A car club is an arrangement for sharing a car or multiple cars. Co-wheels car club scheme allows you to book a car on their online booking system, or over the phone, and use your Co-wheels smartcard to access it. At the end of your booking, you simply return the car back to its original parking bay.

You need to be member of Co-wheels car club to get access to their electric vehicles. Learn more here.

You can find out what Co-wheels’ hybrid and electric vehicles are available on their location map.

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