Responsible innovation monthly round up – December

Written by Catherine Makin on 19 Dec, 19
Responsible innovation

A regular update on activities within our responsible innovation theme.

What we’ve been doing:

The City Innovation Team were lucky enough to receive training from the Open Data Institute (ODI) using their  Data and Public Services Toolkit. The toolkit aims to help cities map data, develop ethical processes for the use of data, and overcome barriers to using data effectively. Bristol City Council hosted an “open cities” workshop, led by the ODI, which brought together a range of Bristol based stakeholders to map data flows within the city.

Where we’ve been and what we’ve seen:

We were challenged, reassured and unsettled (in a positive, thought provoking way) by the content and conversations at TechUK’s Digital Ethics Summit. Bristol City Council was one of only two local authorities on the delegate list. With many, if not all, local governments undertaking digital transformation, grappling with data, or otherwise considering the implications of emerging technology, it feels important to see more representation from the sector in future years of the event. We’d love to hear from other local authorities who are developing ethics frameworks, standards or similar:

What we’ve read:

Ned Potter‘s advice for social media etiquette reminds us not to make people’s days worse, and feels relevant for all online interactions, regardless of platform. This abridged adaptation is courtesy of the University of York, Digital Wellbeing course on FutureLearn.

“Be positive but realistic. Be supportive. Don’t propagate nonsense or propaganda or lies. Go to the source. Don’t be unquestioning. Help people out. Be approximately 30% nicer online than you are in real life to allow for the potential misinterpretations of un-nuanced written text. Don’t make people’s days worse.

What we’re looking forward to:

Bristol City Council recycles its laptops and PCs to provide low cost PCs for disadvantaged groups in a reuse scheme. We are currently refreshing this scheme and looking forward to relaunching the scheme next year. Please watch the Connecting Bristol website for announcements in 2020, although we will of course be doing plenty of offline and city-wide promotion as well.

And, finally, an opportunity for female entrepeneurs. Continuing their work to grow the local innovation ecosystem, SETsquared Bristol have launched Back Her Business to provide free business support to help women-led businesses (including tech, tech enabled and non-tech businesses). Deadline to apply: 31st January 2020.

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