Responsible innovation monthly round up – January

Written by Catherine Makin on 31 Jan, 20
Responsible innovation

A regular update on activities within our responsible innovation theme.

What we’ve been doing:

Our City Innovation Team is running a voice assistants trial to understand how to address challenges presented by the rising use of smart speakers. The growth of smart speaker usage is predicted to be huge, with estimates suggesting that already over 10 million people in the UK use these devices.

Data privacy is a significant concern for many given the recognition that we now pay for goods and services with money as well as with our data. Our trial aims to understand how best to protect the data interests of service users.

Where we’ve been and what we’ve seen:

Last week Bristol hosted a series of events for BBC Digital Cities as part of a nationwide, touring initiative to provide digital and creative skills training. This included a data jam focused on improving wellbeing in Bristol, run by Our Data Bristol.

What we’ve read:

Hot off the press is Bristol’s Quality of Life (QoL) 2019/20 Priority Indicators report. Overall there are a lot of positives this year, although there are still plenty of issues to address – as noted by the Mayor in the QoL press release. For example, the report highlights a 10% point difference in people being “comfortable using digital services”  between the citywide average and the city’s most deprived areas.

The full set of QoL indicators will be published on Open Data Bristol in March.

What we’re looking forward to:

Safer Internet Day, which takes place on 11th February 2020, is a global celebration of awareness around using technology responsibly. Hundreds of organisations and community groups take part in the campaign to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital and technology.

And finally… we’re recruiting! We’re looking for a new project manager to join our small team. Deadline 16th February 2020.


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