Responsible innovation monthly round up – November

Written by Catherine Makin on 08 Nov, 19
Responsible innovation

This is the first in a series of regular updates on activities within our responsible innovation theme.

What we’ve been doing:

Bristol City Council has signed up to the Local Digital Declaration, a set of commitments around how we develop and deliver technology services.

Where we’ve been and what we’ve seen:

It seems that October and November tis’ the season for tech and innovation events. And there have been some good ones.

You can’t turn around without bumping into another conversation about AI at the moment. There were sensitive, insightful and expansive conversations on the topic at the inaugural Anthropology and Technology Conference. The event was a meeting of minds that  brought together technologists and social scientists to discuss responsible innovation in tech and AI. Talks from the event were filmed and can be viewed online via the Anthropology + Technology YouTube channel.

What we’ve been reading:

We know that digital skills and inclusion are now linked with social inclusion. This brilliant round up, by Apolitical, of international digital inclusion initiatives highlights why “any government exploring a digital transformation agenda also needs to think about the level of digital skills in its population” and gives us food for thought.

What we’re looking forward to:

The City Innovation Team are lucky enough to be looking forward to a training workshop with The Open Data Institute (ODI). We will be learning how to use the ODI toolkit which aims to help cities map data, develop ethical processes for the use of data, and overcome barriers to using data effectively.

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