Results from the Wellbeing data jam

Written by Marius Jennings on 31 Jan, 20
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We held the Wellbeing data jam on 25th and 26th January at UWE’s The Foundry which saw over 30 attendees work on digital projects that support and improve the wellbeing of residents in Bristol. This was done as part of a range of events as part of the BBC’s Digital Cities Bristol Week 2020.

Over the course of the groups worked at a range of ideas related to wellbeing. Examples included:

  • Supporting mental health through mood monitoring (link).
  • Visualising NHS patient referrals (PAVE) (link).
  • Public transport journey times from different Bristol postcodes to Bristol hospitals (link).
  • Data visualisation on data around self-harm.
  • Using open data positive affirmation to address depression and anxiety (link).
  • Staff absence / sickness monitoring.
  • Providing homeless people with updated, relevant information on food, refreshments, as well as safe places to sit and sleep.
  • Enabling individuals to determine and access resources that support their wellbeing though Personal Asset Management (PAM) (link).

Congratulations to 2 winning project teams:

  • PAVE – Dave Jones, Ellie Leopold & Ben Wainwright for and Pam Lucy Heard.
  • PAM – Lucy Heard and Andy Morely.

Both teams have won prizes to support ongoing development of their digital projects.

Thank you to the Institute of Coding and UWE for their generosity as main partners for the event. Additional support was provided by Bristol is Open, Digital Ocean and the Bristol Health Partners.



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