The difference superfast broadband makes to local businesses

Written by Phil Higgins on 29 Nov, 16
World-class connectivity

The Connection Voucher Scheme from the UK Government helped 1315 businesses in the Bristol area upgrade to a superfast broadband connection.  Bristol City Council administered the scheme which delivered an investment of over £2 million in telecoms in our city region and our surrounding authorities.  The Connection Voucher Scheme finally closed in September 2016 .

We asked local businesses about the difference a superfast connection has made and here are their stories.  Our evaluation shows businesses becoming more productive, doing things in new ways and increasing the pace of innovation thanks to faster broadband.

For businesses not yet taking advantage of superfast speeds, contact an internet service provider for how they can upgrade to superfast or ultrafast speeds.

Picton Street Media Ltd

“Having superfast broadband at an affordable price allows us to work much more efficiently than before. Productivity is up, research is being carried out at a faster rate and our overall communication costs have dramatically decreased. Superfast broadband is an absolute necessity in this day and age and we thank this government backed scheme for making it possible”.
Calum Yuill, Founder and Managing Director.  Business: software developers   

Atomic Smash

“Since having the new superfast broadband we have been able to sync files much faster across the team enabling us to be more productive and offer a better service to our clients.”
Piers Tincknell, Director.  Business: website design for charities / arts organisations

 Tuware Ltd

“As a start up it is important that we can remain competitive. Having the super fast broadband has enabled us to increase productivity and client satisfaction.”
Joe Gregory, Managing Director.  Business: website design

Deckchair UK Ltd

“Our internet connection has become invisible, we don’t talk about it in the office. It’s seamless and that is the best possible thing any super connected business could say”.

Sounds Commercial Ltd

“Superfast Bristol played a key role in asserting viability of our new connection, in order that we could proceed with growing aspects of our business that were impossible to deliver previously & has helped us to develop our revenue stream & service offering to our customers”.

Simple Simon Design Ltd

“Superfast broadband has meant that we can now do off site backup, host our email accounts on a cloud based system and work seamlessly from home using a VPN without any slow down or interruption to our business.”

Cotswold Recycling Company Ltd

“Our office depends on fast & reliable broadband & can’t function without it; it is vital. For example, online banking can’t be done without fast broadband. We are located in a rural location & without fast broadband we were considering moving our business & home which we really didn’t want to do. We just need our mobile phone reception to improve & we are then keeping up with modern life!”

Next Green Car

“Having super-fast broadband for our business isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘must have’ and we wouldn’t be without it!”
Ben Lane – Director

Heat Recruitment Ltd

“The superfast broadband scheme has assisted, in covering a large element of the installation cost, which was a big part of upgrading to the new IT system that we use. From a business point of view, it now allows us to be fully competitive and operate at a pace that we and our customers expect, and without any interruptions or downtime.”

Advantage Valley Ltd

The consistent high speed has allowed us to increase productivity. In addition, the reliable connection has meant that internet downtime and speed issues are a thing of the past”.

C The World

“We are enjoying more efficient internet access since taking up the superfast broadband voucher. As a travel agent we are constantly on the internet and reliability is key for us to provide the best possible service to our clients.”

 TR Scaffolding Bristol Ltd

“Our broadband upgrade has transformed how we are able to operate our business. We now have a cloud based CRM system in place, we are able to Skype video/ audio call and transferring large data files is made a lot simpler. Slow internet was identified as the biggest threat to our company achieving its growth targets.”
Stuart Salmon – Managing Director

Lawrence Services Ltd

“Having superfast broadband is important to us for sending & receiving large files from our customers/ clients e.g. drawings/ plans, specifications and also being able to receive pictures from the staff on site to keep the office in real time loop with the current projects.”
Mr Blaine Lawrence, Department Manager

Vehicle Access Systems Ltd

“The company can have 4 people on the internet at any one time and faster internet speeds are crucial for receiving emails, browsing and responding to online leads. The use of fibre broadband has been a huge help to our business in many ways and I would definitely recommend the scheme.”

The Print Co Bristol Ltd

“The addition of’ superfast broadband (a leased line) has immediately given our business many more options for company inter connectivity and customer services we provide. Without the new connection we were unable to efficiently transfer large amounts of data between our sites or automate regular backups of important customer artwork. Now that our offices and sites are connected together the scope of both internal and external services available to us has grown exponentially”.
Sam Askew – IT Manager

Bristol Batteries Ltd

“At BBL we were being held back by slow internet when downloading large amounts of data for backups and when multiple users were dialled into our systems we were noticing a decrease in productivity. Now we are running site to site VPNs with the ability of access all our systems from all branches. We are now looking at taking our systems, which run independently in our 6 branches with overnight backups, live with full access for our branches via cloud technology. This was never an option before we had superfast broadband installed”.
Zoe Evans – IT Support Manager

Brunel Coffee Ltd

“Superfast broadband has reduced time and frustration waiting for applications to load, and has increased our productivity and sales.”

Victorian Café

“With the world being intertwined with the Internet wherever we go, having a reliable super-fast connection has enabled us to offer our customers the ability to use the Internet, whether it be browsing, streaming or downloading whilst supporting a large number of users with increased reliability. It has also given us much faster transaction speeds when doing payments by card, thus allowing a more efficient speed and flow of customers being served. The importance of high speed Internet is no longer a debatable subject, it is required now more than ever. Almost everything we own is now connected to the Internet and the amount of people getting connected is increasing, as well as the size of content online, be it uncompressed video/photos and now 4K content which is widely readily available. Having such a connection is a must just to manage this, especially with numerous people connected to the same line.”
Keith Widdows – Owner


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