Take Bristol’s Quality of Life survey 2019

Written by Catherine Makin on 10 Oct, 19
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Tell us about your experience of life in Bristol. Your views will help us take decisions to improve the city.

Bristol’s Quality of Life Survey (QoL) is an annual snapshot of the quality of life here.

The survey is sent to a random sample of Bristol households each year. This year’s survey was sent to 33,000 households and closes on 20th October. If you received an invitation letter, please share your views by completing the survey.

In addition to these households, we especially want to hear your views if you are any of the following:

  • aged between 16-24
  • from an ethnic minority
  • living in Hotwells and Harbourside.

Responses from these groups were under-represented in last year’s survey. If you’re from any of these groups you can complete the survey at www.bristol.gov.uk/qol19, even if you haven’t received an invitation letter.

Why it is important

In September the QoL survey was sent to a random sample of Bristol homes. All sorts of people take part but  sometimes certain groups of people are under-represented. So, we want to make sure we’ve heard your views. You will help us:

  • understand where you think we should spend time and money
  • consider the issues most important to you
  • make sure that people in your community are heard.

Please take part today

  1. Follow the link and answer the survey questions at bristol.gov.uk/qol19. If you run out of time please answer questions that interest you the most
  2. Please take part from today but ideally before midnight on 20/10/19
  3. Please provide the information on ‘Where in Bristol you live’ (postcode), ‘Sex’, ‘Age’ and ‘Ethnicity”. This information is treated confidentially and anonymously but helps us represent Bristol’s diversity*.

[*Our consultations and surveys privacy notice explains how we process your data]

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