The Bristol Partnership

Written by Stephen Hilton on 22 May, 06
World-class connectivity

Dick and I have just presented Connecting Bristol to the Bristol Partnership.  This is the 'daddy' of all Bristol's partnerships (no sexism intended) so it is important to have their full support. 

It went  well! 

Barbara Janke, the Council Leader and Chair of the Partnership, Clive Wray from Business West and 'someone' (we didn't get their name) from the voluntary sector spoke strongly in support of Connecting Bristol.  Questions included a request for specific examples relating to health; what's in it for the non-computer literate and what can the Partnership do to help if we don't win funding?  We answered these between us.
All in all a very positive meeting.  We can now use the Bristol Partnership's logo with full confidence that they are behind Bristol's bid.

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