Knight Foundation Bids

Written by Stephen Hilton on 30 Sep, 06
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Knight Foundation is seeking new ideas, pilot projects, commercial products and leadership initiatives that will improve the flow of information and news in the public interest. Here is some blurb –

> In the 20th Century, the Knight Brothers owned newspapers that were the glue that held communities together. We’d like to know who or what will do that in the 21st Century? What do we mean by “glue”? Great newspapers help communities become aware of their real situations. They inspire people to come up with new ideas to improve things. And they stir people to pursue their true interests.<

In 2007, the foundation will award a total of $5 million to individuals, organizations or businesses that can show their ideas will transform community life. Awards will be made in the following categories

* Ideas

* Pilot projects and field tests

* Leadership projects

* Commercial investments

* Open submissions

The online application form is at and submissions have to be made by 1st December. If you are interested in working jointly on an initial bid (particularly in any of the first three categories) please get in touch

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