The REPLICATE project has been shortlisted for the GDC 2017 awards!

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17 Jan, 18 by DanielLizarbe-Marco

The Green Digital Charter, a project that is part of EUROCITIES and funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, organise the Green Digital Charter awards every year after around 118 projects submit their case studies.

Last year, the REPLICATE project won the GDC 2016 awards and on Tuesday 23rd of January during the “Imagine the Urban Future: Innovation, Collaboration, Trust” conference the GDC 2017 winner will be announced.

The REPLICATE project has been shortlisted alongside the City-Zen project in Amsterdam and the iSCAPE project in Dublin. All the projects are related to Smart City initiatives and this year’s submissions focus on energy.

The REPLICATE project’s entry covers the energy demand management scheme that will be put in place to monitor and control energy use allowing levelling out peak demand. The system will be piloted through 150 “smart homes”, which will have the opportunity to trial connected or “smart appliances”. If you’re interested in finding out more about this, head to our project page.

Good luck to all the participant cities and projects!

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