The Wireless World

Written by Stephen Hilton on 17 May, 06
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Wi Fi has been a hot topic in Connecting Bristol sparking debate about the pros and cons of top-down / corporate versus ground-up / community approaches to connectivity. The bid includes some of both.

I was therefore really interested to see Rudi Van Drunen's presentation on Wireless Leiden – "the Wireless capital of the Netherlands"

This voluntary foundation provides a community wireless network spanning 300 km square. They have more than 2000 registered users and even provide connectivity to the city's schools and museums etc. Most impressively, as Rudi stated in his presentation, "there are no paid jobs in wireless Leiden" – volunteers support everything!

It is a great example of a successful digital community with people meeting and acting together both on and off line and a shining example of how much organisations like Bristol Wireless can achieve. .

I caught Rudi's presentation at a european conference in Greece – so it really is a wireless world!

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