Gigabit Voucher Scheme – Businesses

Bristol businesses could get a grant of up to £2,500 to get gigabit-ready broadband as part of a new Government pilot scheme.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is for a limited time offering vouchers worth up to £2,500 towards the cost of getting gigabit-ready broadband installed in local homes as part of the Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

The scheme is open to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the Bristol City and Bath & North East Somerset Council area to help them get a gigabit-ready connection. The £2,500 voucher from the scheme will subsidise the costs of installing the new connection.

The many business benefits of a full fibre gigabit connection include:

  • uploading or downloading massive files in a matter of seconds
  • enabling the use of powerful new collaborative tools
  • taking full advantage of cloud services to improve software and ICT infrastructure
  • improving the e-commerce service offer
  • supporting new remote ways of working at home or in the field;

all raising a business’ productivity and profitability.


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and residents could get a grant towards the installation / capital costs of gigabit-ready connection.

If you’re an SME, find out if you’re eligible

You just need to contact a supplier, who will advise you if they can bring ultrafast broadband to your business.

The grant is paid directly to your new telecoms supplier to cover the installation cost of gigabit-ready broadband in business premises.

An SME can be summarised as:
– Up to 249 employees (in total in the organisation) and turnover no greater than €50m per annum, and/or
– Balance sheet of no more than €43m

SMEs are defined using a standard EU definition. Full details are available here.

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