Triffids: Learning and engaging with the natural world

Written by Hannah Boast on 19 Aug, 19
City-wide innovation ecosystem

Engaging with nature is good for us, so is learning. 

The team developed Triffids, a web application that is both an entertaining and informative guide to the trees and parks of Bristol. They did this by using data from Open Data Bristol and from other relevant sources. 

The application is map-based and will display a map of a park and the trees that are listed as being in the park, with their location. Clicking on a tree will display the species of tree and a link to further information on that species pulled from Wikipedia.

The team produced a preliminary version in March 2019, with plans to improve and add to the app over the summer. Currently the app is viewable through a browser at Triffids and is fully responsive and designed to work on phones. There may be a native phone app version at a later date. The application itself is released under an Open Source license. The code can be found on Gitlab – Bristol Codes.

The team aims to produce a future version with games and challenges for users. They will also be inviting other programmers in Bristol to become both familiar with, and improve, the application code.  

The team consists of:

  • Tim Pushman — lover of trees, enjoys programming
  • Tom Wieck, Josh Jarvis and Taavi Kelle — working for Potato
  • Faizaan Sakib — studying at Computer Science at the University of Bristol
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