Using ICT to support people with Dyslexia

Written by Stephen Hilton on 11 Sep, 06
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AbilityNet is a charity whose aim is to make the benefits of computers available to people with disabling or limiting conditions. They are holding the following training event in Bristol –

Using ICT to support people with Dyslexia

Fee £125 (+vat) per delegate, 23 November 2006, Hewlett Packard, Bristol

Course Content

The course consists of seminar interlinked with hands-on sessions. There will be explanation and demonstration of a “dyslexia toolkit”. IBM-compatible PCs will be used. The hands-on work will be in groups of three or four. Each group will work on several areas, reinforcing knowledge through direct experience. These sessions will be focussed around free and cheap solutions, text to speech, word prediction and word banks, and multi function packages.


The day is designed to give participants a working understanding of computer-based “get round” techniques for dyslexia. It will enable participants to:

· Ensure that facilities that are available on basic computers are used and not missed

· Help individuals to choose and use the techniques most effective for them

· Make good use of support and advice offered by charities, statutory bodies and suppliers

· Develop policy and practice to bring help to bear

· Implement a range of `reasonable adjustments’ towards compliance with DDA and SENDA legislation

Who should attend?

· Special Educational Needs Coordinators

· Learning support and teaching assistants

· Representatives of LEA Support Services

· Disability Coordinators

· Teachers and tutors in schools, colleges and universities

· Educational psychologists

· Social workers, probation officers and others with a special interest

· Representatives of groups working with dyslexia

To book call AbilityNet Courses Administrator on Tel: 01926 312847

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