What is the Humble Lamppost?

14 Sep, 17 by Sarah Lee

Generally the traditional street lights as we know it are changing. As we update our homes to more energy efficient LED lighting, doesn’t it make sense to do the same throughout our city streets?…but what if we could extend this to include other functions?

The European Union’s Humble Lamppost provides a pick and mix solution that goes beyond the traditional upgrade to LED lighting and smart lighting controls and can be tailored to the needs of the city or community area.

Due to the nature of a lamppost being a tall permanent structure and common feature throughout the modern city landscape and many are in need of updating, it is an ideal opportunity to exploit them for additional features. There is scope to implement safety features such as push-to-talk and CCTV; environmental monitoring sensors; smart services such as increased mobile connectivity, digital signage and electric vehicle charging points; and boundary sensing such as footfall traffic.

Initial benefits of implementing these lampposts could lead to a substantial decrease in energy costs and carbon emissions as there are approximately 45,000 lampposts in Bristol and many of these have not yet been upgraded to LEDs. Additionally, it also provides opportunities across the city such as new business investment to the city through greater access to high speed connections and a greater use of data.

To find out more about the EU’s Humble Lamppost and implementation plans across EU cities, click here.