Why use an electric vehicle?

Written by Mireya Triguero on 27 Feb, 20
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In the last few years,  the UK has experienced a shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs).  In 2019, their sales doubled.  But what are the benefits of using EVs instead of traditionally fueled ones?

  • Due to the growth of EVs, it is easier to find a wide range of models and choices.
  • Their energy comes from batteries, which results in zero emission of any gases through the exhaust.
  • As they have zero gas emissions and fewer moving parts, maintenance costs are lower. It’s a sustainable and affordable option.
  • Their range is improving; getting up to 280 miles on a single charge is now possible.
  • They can outperform traditionally fueled motors.
  • The number of public charging points is increasing fast. UK has one charging point for every six EVs on road, one of the best charging infrastructures in the world!
  • In Bristol, there are over 40 public EV charging points and Go Ultra Low is working on the deployment of many more.
  • There are many incentives to buying an electric vehicle: e.g. all EVs under £40,000 are in band A, which means they don’t have to pay Road Tax. Also, you can get a £3,500 government grant for an EV.

Using electric vehicles in Bristol

If you are willing to try an EV in Bristol, you can book it through Co-wheels Car Club and use an electric vehicle whenever you need it. You’ll pay for what you use at a fair rate and insurance is included.

The Horizon 2020 REPLICATE project has funded 11 EVs that have been added to the company’s fleet, as well as the deployment of a few charging points around the city. You can find out the location of all the charging points deployed in Bristol in the Open Data Platform.

Co-wheels currently has an offer that allows you to get £25 credit plus no monthly fee for just £1. It’s your time to try an electric vehicle and experience sustainable transport, do not miss the chance and book it now here.

Electric Vehicle in Bristol

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